Episode 26 - What Da FAQ?

February 9th, 2021

Eatbats of Sigmar make a long awaited return with a new episode featuring @Eatbats_Bedge, @gr1mmas, @Eatbats_Alex, 

@EATBATS_Jon, @olliefox89, @drdabbler, @jimbo9jimbo, and the Handforth Parish Council Planning and Environment Commitee.

0:04:47 Stay on Target - Hobby Goals for 2021
0:31:58 Aetherstorms - Eatbats react to fallout from Aos FAQ
0:50:39 Kraggis Forge - Strategies for Coping in Lockdown Life
1:08:46 The Sports Pages - Latest action in Eatbats Blood Bowl Leagues
If you wish to jump straight to the Closing Credits/Outtakes (and quite frankly I wouldn't blame you if you did) 1:48:06 
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